Affilorama Review: My Honest Thoughts

If you come across this page, you’re probably wondering if Affilorama is legit

You’ve come to the right place.  Here at Ecomgalore, we spend countless number of hours investigating and testing products so that you don’t have to.

But first…

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is a FREE training course and a platform for aspiring affiliate marketers to start their career.  It consists of several hundred video tutorials, PDF lesson notes and products that help you make your first dollar as an affiliate marketer.

It was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade.  These two had more than a decade of experience as an affiliate marketer and entrepreneurship when they launched Affilorama.

Currently there are more 900,000 members on Affilorama.

Their goal is simple.  They want to make it as easy for beginners to start making money as affiliate marketers.

If you’re familiar with wealthy affiliate, it’s similar but less spoon feeding and not social media-y (with news feeds and such).

And no… affiliate marketing is NOT a pyramid scheme.  Let’s just get that out the way now.

Affilorama Membership:  Who is it for?

Affilorama is an affiliate training course for beginners.  If you’ve made a single sale as an affiliate marketer, you won’t find much that is useful in this course.

If you’re blogger looking to make your first sale, an e-commerce guy looking to transition to affiliate marketing, you’ll like what Affilorama offers.

Just like any other course or education, it’s up to you do the work. Affilorama is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor does it spoon-feed you actions. It by itself will not make you money.

Oh and another thing. Affilorama is particularly aimed at those who want to use organic traffic via ranking in search engines as opposed to paid advertisement.

If you’re looking for a course on paid advertisement as the primary traffic driver, check out Super Affiliate System 3.0.

Affilorama – The Good and the Bad:  Deep dive into courses and products

I’ll do a deep dive into what Affilorama offers in terms of courses and products.  Toward the end, I’ll even do a quick comparison vs Wealthy Affiliate, a leader in the affiliate training industry.

First, let’s assess the affiliate training courses.  We rate lessons based on how actionable they are and how effective they are.  If you can’t do anything meaningful with the information, it’s useless…

Affiliate Training Courses:  Does Affilorama deliver?

Affilorama’s lessons are FREE and are broken down into the following categories:

  • Essential Resources every new affiliate marketer needs
  • Market Research For Affiliate marketers
  • Content Creation
  • Site Building
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Outsourcing

The lessons usually contain a short video followed by written text to further explain topic that’s covered.

There are useful bits of information like the duration of the video and buttons to be able to mark it complete.

On the side bar and on the bottom there are related lessons so you don’t have to keep searching for the next lesson.

I’ll go through each section and list some of the pros and cons.

Essential Resources Every New Affiliate Marketer Needs

From explaining how affiliate marketing works into addressing the age old battle of website vs. no-website affiliate marketing, each section has a list of specific examples that help you get your foot out the door as an affiliate marketer.

As an experienced affiliate marketer, I can tell you the information provided here in this section is legit.  It’s effective and you can take action almost right away.

Especially the lesson about getting traffic to your website.  These are time-tested methods in getting quality traffic.


The breadth of information could improve.  What I mean is that they don’t have a variety of information.  In the sub-section that explains affiliate networks, they only use Clickbank as an example and in the part where they talk about traffic they list only obvious methods that i’ve heard countless number of times.

Market Research For Affiliate marketers

I personally made the mistake of not researching the industry of my products and it cost me $3000

I worked a whole year without sales because it was ultra competitive.  Yikes… imagine that.  Needless to say, this topic is near and dear to my heart.

Each lesson in this section helps you assess the climate of your product’s market.

Using tools like Google Trends or SEO SaaS services like Traffic Travis, this section suggests a list of metrics and software tools to help you gauge consumer’s interest.

They also offer alternative affiliate networks to Clickbank (I may have spoke a little too soon in the section above).

I specifically like how they commonly include screenshots in their lesson.  It helps you soak in the content when you can read it and see it.

One thing I didn’t like was their technical approach using things like “Allintitle” and “Allinanchor” to do competition analysis on Google.  There is a much more comprehensive way to do competitive analysis rather than relying solely on keywords matching the title tag or anchor element.

Content Creation

The meat of an affiliate website will be content.  This is essential to the success of an affiliate marketer, especially if you’re building a new website.

This section does a good job providing different ways to get content.  It also has a section dedicated to a very specific type of writing that really converts (hint: this post is that type).

One thing I really liked about this section is they provide copywriting advice that sells.  More often than not, affiliate marketers are much more concerned with keyword density and word count length and forget that we write for people not search engines.

One thing I didn’t like was their recommendation on PLR (private label rights) articles and using articles directories.  I doubt these are great ways to start a long-term affiliate web site nor is it good affiliate training resource when you are told to copy and paste articles.

Site Building  

This is the most technical section in Affilorama’s courses, covering how to start a website using DreamWeaver.  It’s also the most detailed section in all the courses.  You’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with code.

As a programmer and affiliate marketer, this section is very comprehensive.  It covers everything from coding your first article using h1 and p elements to tinkering the robot.txt file.


It’s worth mentioning that all of this wouldn’t be necessary if you use WordPress (This site is using WordPress), which requires no coding at all.

Marketing Ideas

Quite literally, half the work of affiliate marketing is… marketing your product.

This section goes over the concept of monetization and marketing through different mediums such as email, web 2.0, Facebook, and other social media.

Don’t worry about how long or short your blog post is. Instead, focus on how useful the information will be to your audience.


This section is my favorite because it covers what works and why it works in marketing.  In particular, I enjoyed the content on email marketing, which is a very powerful and profitable medium.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is somewhat of a controversial topic.  Although there are many experts in the field it’s often unclear whether their advice works or not.

Affilorama treads carefully and does not stray too far into theory.  They do a good job of being grounded and not focusing on things that are still debatable like structuring your h1 and meta tags.  Personally, I find it ridiculous that a search engine would care so much about the code of the website vs the contents of it.  

You’ll learn about sitemaps, how the Google PageRank works, and getting backlinks as well.

Being an avid reader of backlinko, I have high standards on the topic of backlinks.  Needless to say, that’s the part where I feel the most improvements can be made.

Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click section covers the topic of paid traffic as opposed to organic traffic.

Now, I’m going to be honest, this is my least favorite lesson.  The reason is simple:  many amateur affiliate marketers will initially lose money if they choose to go the paid traffic route.

With that being said…

This section does a great job explaining different components of PPC like seed keywords, landing pages, Google Ads, and conversion tracking.

If you have deep pockets to experiment, this section is great.  But most people that are starting out in affiliate marketing are trying to make money because they don’t have much. 

Affiliate Outsourcing

This section is about outsourcing and it is the most sparse section in the lessons.  It contains some resources for hiring workers, some tips for hiring, and a list of ways to keep your employees productive.

Affilorama takes a personal approach to these lessons as they recommend task management software that they themselves have used to run their business.

The principles taught in this section works outside the affiliate marketing space.  One of the few affiliate training that take the “affiliate marketing is a business” approach.

There is a lack of sources they recommend using to outsource.  They only recommend Fiverr and Upwork but there are handful of other resources like Freelancer, TextBroker, hiring on craigslist, etc…  These are just several that I can list on the top of my head.

Affiliate Training Course Final Thoughts

So Affilorama’s affiliate training course is comprehensive and practical.  It’s definitely aimed at beginners and sometimes recommends directions that affiliate marketer don’t necessarily have to follow in order to become successful.

Overall, I would say this course is 7 / 10.  I’ve definitely seen worse and I’ve definitely seen few that were better.


Affilorama has some products that they offer.  One of them is called the AffiloTools.

Let’s see how help this tool can aid us in our affiliate marketing career!

AffiloTools shakedown

There’s a common problem in the affiliate marketing industry:  there is so much clutter with software tools, SEO products, and Google analytics…etc. It’s a mess…

AffiloTools is supposed to help by aggregating all those tools into a one-stop shop.

It integrates with other software like Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Moz, Semrush, Clickbank, etc…

It’s still in beta but I’ve decided to do a close-up analysis of some of the sections of AffiloTools.

As you can see, there are several navigation menu’s in this tool:  Dashboard, manage keywords, health check, traffic, revenue, SEO, social, research, and website settings.

The dashboard is nice since that’s where you can integrate Google Analytics and can see all the key metrics.

You can gauge the overall health of your website and spot warnings / errors when they occur.

Having worked with many keyword tools like Ahrefs, Moz, Keyword Everywhere, I was curious to see how effective Affilorama’s keyword research tool was.

Comparing the stats of their keyword tool to Google’s Keyword Planner, there seems to be a slight discrepancy in the results.

For the keyword “Wealthy Affiliate” AffiloTools shows a volume of 14,800 vs 27,100 from Google Keyword Planner; $.11 CPC vs $1.03; Competition measure 20% to 35% respectively.

We’ve also noticed that their Backlink Analysis lists IP Addresses instead of domain names of sites that link back to the website.

It seems like AffiloTools is still in the earlier stages of development.

Besides AffiloTools, there are actually two other premium products:

  • Pathway To Passive Guide
  • AffiloJetpack

For full disclosure, I haven’t purchased either of these products.  Ironically, they don’t give out review copies to seasoned affiliate marketers… What a bummer.

Pathway To Passive Guide(P2P) seems like a reasonable deal.  First, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  So there’s reassurance there.

Second, they pinpoint the problem with most struggling affiliate marketers:

  1. You can’t get traffic
  2. You can’t convert your traffic

AffiloJetpack is a product where they pick a profitable niche and build a WordPress site for you.  It essentially “jump starts” your affiliate marketing career.

They’ll provide the hosting, some email newsletter, and reports to give out for free to get email subscriptions.

AffiloJetpack sets up everything so you can just write content (or hire writers) and make money.  I doubt you can just “plug and play” and make money right off the bat but they do the initial grunt work of setting up a site for you.

Affilorama VS Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate training website with a more of a social media approach to the idea.  It has video lessons, certifications, news feeds, chatting system, and site builder tools where you can get started working on a niche website right there on their platform.

To recap some key differences:

  • Affilorama is free forever with premium tools as up-sells.  Wealthy Affiliate is also free forever but with premium subscription service of $49 / month (you save a little if you buy the annual subscription).
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a site builder whereas Affilorama has marketing tools to help you gauge your already existing website’s health.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers an online entrepreneur certification if you complete a series of lessons
  • Wealthy Affiliate uses gamification to motivate members via competition.  There are ranks, points, and badges to compare you against the other members.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has more activity and it’s in real-time like Facebook.  Affilorama’s latest blog post (at the time of this writing) was 2 months ago.
  • Sign-up is not needed for Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program and they offer a comprehensive report.  Affilorama’s affiliate program requires sign-up, they don’t offer reporting, but they do give out higher commissions because their product is a one-time cost.


Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

No, affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is a business where majority of the profits are made through acquiring more employees rather than selling more products or services.  In fact, many affiliate marketers are a sole proprietorship, meaning they work for and by themselves.

Unlike, MLM (multi-level marketing), you don’t pay anything to become an affiliate partner.  If you do, please run the other way, it’s probably a scam.  In fact, some vendors will give you the product for FREE.  In the industry the term is called “Review Copy.”  Make sure you put on your bright smile and salesman voice!

Affiliate marketing happens everywhere without us noticing it.  They don’t have to sell Clickbank products or Amazon products.  All someone has to do is recommend a product or service and gain a commission when someone buys.

Tricia Meyers is a lawyer who would gladly put her law license on the table to defend affiliate marketing as a legit way to make money.

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable in 2019?

Yes, affiliate marketing is profitable in 2019, was profitable before, and will be profitable far into the future.  Affiliate marketing has been around even before the internet.  When healthcare professionals recommend a certain product to their patients, that’s affiliate marketing if the provider gains any sort of commission.



Hi!  My name is Kenta.  I’m an internet marketer.  I love business and programming.  I hope that you’ll join me on this journey to internet success.  If you have questions or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out via the contact form!

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