How I made $70 in one hour with CPA marketing

Today, I’ll go over a case study of an experiment I ran using black hat methods.  This method generated more than $70 in couple of hours using a CPA network called Max Bounty.

CPA stands for cost per action marketing.  Instead of when receiving a commission when a user purchases a product, you get paid when a user completes a specific task.  Some examples of these tasks are filling out forms, opting in email, registration, etc…

Please note that you will get banned using this method if the campaign does not allow incentivized traffic.  Please do not replicate.  This was done for experimental purposes only.

This case study shows how much money you can make from CPA.

Let’s begin.

Here’s the method in a nutshell:

  • Create a survey HIT(Human intelligent task) on Amazon Mechanical Turk, link the CPA offer on the survey.
  • Profit the difference from money spent on the HIT and the CPA offer.

Create A Survey HIT on Amazon Mechanical Turk

In order to sign up as a requester (You are the one requesting work) on Amazon Mechanical Turk, visit their website.

I created a new account instead of signing up using my original Amazon Account.

Fill out all the required information.  For “Tell us how you plan to use MTurk:” select “Conduct surveys or market research.”

After creating a project, you’ll be enter specific information like how much the HIT is worth, whether you want to limit demographics, etc…

Once that is complete, you can design the survey link instructions which ultimately tells the workers where to find the survey, how to complete, what it’s for, and how to get paid.

Insert your CPA affiliate link inside the box where it tells you to:


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