CB Passive Income Product 5.0 Review: Here’s what I really think (2019)!

Today, I’ll tell you what I’ve personally experienced using the CB Passive Income Product version 5.0.

After spending more than 2 weeks on the product, here’s my conclusion:

CB Passive Income provides all the tools at the end of the sales funnel. It’s great if you are just starting out as an internet marketer.

If you’re a marketer who knows how to get traffic but have trouble with things like conversion optimization, writing engaging ad copy, and email marketing then this product is for you(read about my experiment near the end of the article!).

Before we dive deep into the actual product, let’s assess the founder. Patric Chan.

Patric Chan is an internationally recognized internet marketer. This means he makes money on the internet. He’s been around for quite a while. He’s a prolific author and he’s published 4 books to date:

  • 72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits
  • Clicking Cash
  • The International Player
  • WakeUp Millionaire

So he’s definitely got credentials. However, let’s not get too distracted by the big houses and lambos. Let’s see what’s under the hood in his product CB Passive Income.

I’ll do this review answering three simple questions:

  • How easy is it use?
  • Is it the content easy to understand?
  • Does the methods actually work?

How easy is it to use?

I love digital products, but sometimes they are just way too clunky. Have you ever worked with a remote with 10,000 buttons but can’t seem to find where the power button is? Yeah, I have. We want to avoid that in the future, so that’s why I scrutinize the user interface. Plus, it’s your first impression!

Ok, so here’s the side navigation panel.

Side Panel Picture CB Passive Income

I’m being slightly judgement here but it looks outdated. It’s like when you go to a restaurant for the first time and the wall paper is peeling off. It makes you wonder if they make enough money to renovate the place.

Next up is the ebb and flow of the course work. No student enjoys vague scattered lectures(UIC comp sci department, I’m talking to you guys!). I’m happy to report that CB Passive Income has a nice chronological flow to it.

On the front page, you’ll be greeted with simple steps to follow before you begin.

In fact, most sections are broke down into step-by-step processes or simple list type content. These kind of content makes it much easier to use the interface.

The CB passive Income comes with loads of email swipes and free landing pages. You’re given a unique url where you can plug it into any source of traffic and viola, the users enter their sales funnel. Like I said mentioned before if you have a source of traffic, this is easy to use.

The last portion of usability analysis is the reporting tool. The idea is that if the reporting is really complex, then there’s even more complexity to the metrics it records. Well, it’s pretty simple. Their reports have some of the common metrics you’d expect in any ad platform but much much smaller.

You can track all your leads based on impressions, clicks, sales, refunds etc… If you ever worked with FB ads, this is a cinch compared to it.

The CB Passive Income is easy and simple to use. It doesn’t have the prettiest interface, but it does it’s job. Keep in mind that simplicity means less customization.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to digest the information.

Is it the content easy to understand?

When you buy a digital course, it’s essential that you can understand what it’s saying rather easily. If you have spoken to several industry experts, whether in SEO, web development you know people can jabber for a while and it goes through one ear and out the other. You want to avoid that.

In order to assess the readability, I tested the course material with Yoast. They use a metric called Flesch reading ease score. The result is 13-15 year old level comprehension which means the course content can be easily be understood by a someone who is 13-15 years old.

So it’s pretty easy to read and understand. However, it is fun and engaging? …Kind of.

The copy of the course material is written like a landing page. It has a lot text formatting, short sentences, and a personal voice. These help readers engage with the information the program is offering. I’m a big fan of Brian Dean’s written content and I can definitely see some similarities.

Patric Chan uses text formatting to engage users.
Using red boarders to grab attention.

Even with nice formatting, text is still text. Many people would rather listen to a video. Unlike the Super Affiliate System, the CB Passive Income 5.0 lacks personal videos made by the founder. When there’s a video by the founder, I can personally connect with the content. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a handful of videos where Patric Chan walks you through paid traffic and what not. However these days where vlogs are extremely popular, you would expect more of a personal delivery.

Ok, so the course material is easy to digest and has multimedia in place to keep you from falling asleep. Now the big question comes: Does it actually work? Does doing what the CB Passive Income actually make you money?

I will personally test his methods so I take the risk of losing money.

Does the methods actually work?

How much money can you make from CB passive Income? The answer is.. it depends on you.

If – and this is a big IF – you work hard at optimizing you traffic, you can make a ton of money. Patric will talk you through setting up several sources of paid traffic including Youtube, Bing, and Facebook. However, the emphasis is more on tweaking settings like bidding for different types of keywords. The essentials of copywriting – what ultimately sells the product – is not talked about since he has landing pages, emails swipes, etc already made for marketing his product.

I decided to conduct a test by following the CB passive income guidelines for setting up an ad campaign on Bing traffic. This test is meant to measure the effectiveness of CB Passive Income’s marketing material.

I started two different campaigns on Bing Ads promoting two different Clickbank products:

  1. Patric Chan’s product – CB passive Income 5.0
  2. Clickbank University

I’m going to create my own ad copy for promoting Clickbank University. The idea is that, the CB passive Income should perform better since we’re under the assumption that the marketing material provided in this course helps affiliate marketers succeed.

After promoting the offer for a day with a budget of $40 for each campaign, these were the results.

“cbpassive” is CB passive Income and “cbuniv2” is Clickbank University. The Hop Count is the number of times the affiliate link was clicked. Note that the Hop Count doesn’t mean anything relevant in this test since I directly linked the CB passive Income ad and directed the Clickbank University to my own custom page where the affiliate link was at the bottom.

What’s really interesting is the number of order form impression count and order form server calls. The Clickbank University ad was written very personal with social proof. The results show since almost half of my visitors saw (impressions) the order form whereas only 10% of visitors who clicked on the CB Passive Income saw the order form. It gets more interesting…

Despite working hard to write an engaging ad copy, the CB Passive Income landing page outperformed mine in Order Form Server Calls metric (people clicking Paypal Buttons and “Order now” Buttons) by 3 times.

At first, I was a little doubtful that CB Passive Income’s landing pages would engage the audience. After seeing the stats, I’m a bit more convinced.


The CB Passive Income product is a bit outdated in its interface but it’s a great way to learn and launch your internet marketing career.

You should not come with an expectation that you will make money once you go through the course. You will learn and – like any other education – it’s up to you to apply what you learned.

Hi!  My name is Kenta.  I’m an internet marketer.  I love business and programming.  I hope that you’ll join me on this journey to internet success.  If you have questions or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out via the contact form!

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