Clickbank University vs Wealthy Affiliate: Which one is better?

So you’ve been searching for the perfect affiliate marketing course. You want to make money online but so many people smell like snake oil salesmen.

It’s frustrating. It’s like everyone and their dog has a Youtube channel promoting some get-rich-quick scheme.

You’re looking for value. You’re looking to make REAL money but are often met with scams.

That’s why I decided to purchase both of the Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate premium membership just so I can see for myself what the buzz was all about and possibly save you from unwarranted spending.

Honestly, Wealthy Affiliate seems like a clear winner here. However, all is not lost for Clickbank University fans as they are backed by a well-known serial entrepreneur: Gary Vaynerchuk.

I spent hours on each platform with the scrutiny akin to CNN reporting on Trump. Yeah, I’m kind of a hound these days.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s begin.

Clickbank University vs Wealthy Affiliate: What Are The Differences?

Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate are – what I call – new-age digital products. Many digital products out there have a one-time cost but recently there has been an influx of a different kind of pricing model: subscription based.

I encourage entrepreneurs to look into subscription based products because product owners are always challenged to keep you inside their system. Hence, new content is produced to retain customers.

Who are the owners?

Clickbank University is run by two marketers by the name of Justin Atlan and Adam Horiwitz. Wealthy Affiliate is run by two programmers: Kyle and Carson.

Justin Atlan is an entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant. Besides being a partner at Clickbank University, he is also a partner at SJA Media Partners. He’s consulted companies from 6 figures to 9 figures in revenue.

Adam Horiwitz is also an entrepreneur and has dabbled quite a bit into several internet businesses. According to CNN, one of his first success was Local Mobile Monopoly where he taught business owners how to generate leads for their small business.

Kyle Loudon is the figurehead of Wealthy Affiliate. He graduated college with a degree in computer science and loved reading about business. His goal is to help people in order to change the world.

Carson Lim is the quiet partner of Wealthy Affiliate. He also has a background in computer science where he met Kyle. His whole family were teachers in one sense or another. Following suit, he founded Wealthy Affiliate to teach others how to make money as affiliate marketers.

You can definitely draw parallels between the founders and their products.

Wealthy Affiliate is extremely well built in terms of website features. It’s the only affiliate program I know that integrates their own hosting plan with it. It’s almost like a mini Facebook specifically built for Affiliate marketers. On the flip side, you don’t see Kyle or Carson’s face that often. In fact, almost all of their videos are shot with their screens shown instead of their faces. Following programmer stereo types (I am one so I’m familiar), it’s evident that their camera-shy. Not necessarily a bad thing but it makes it harder to connect personally.

Many of Clickbank University’s courses show Justin and Adam in their training courses, which tend to be pretty short in length. Yes, the videos are personal but the WA wins on raw value. Clickbank University has more ‘hype’ per-se and building up soft skills (like goal setting, being positive, etc). Their website is a little difficult to navigate and some of the pages seem a little buggy.

Traffic Differences

One of my biggest criteria for evaluating an affiliate marketing course is the source of traffic that they advocate.

Why? Because it’s the spigot that you rely on for sales.

Without traffic, your site means nothing. Think about if the best orchestra played on an island where no one can hear them. Yeah, they wouldn’t be happy.

Similarly, a marketer needs audiences. There’s only two ways you can get traffic to your website: paid and organic.

Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University both advocate paid traffic. However, Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to get organic traffic. And they actually do it right.

You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and see it for yourself.

Clickbank University is a big advocate of paid advertising. Their focus is primarily on Instagram and Facebook ads. These ad platforms are actually pretty favorable because you aren’t competing for keywords like you would if you were to advertise on Google Ads.

How easy is it to read / follow along?

Let’s admit it, reading educational material can be boring. It’s important that we can enjoy the course content.

Wealthy Affiliate contains a lot of text as opposed to videos. Sure, there are videos but the majority is reading. However, it’s still much easier to follow along. This goes back to the founder’s backgrounds as computer scientists. These guys lay out the course like a block of code: one after the other.

You ever read things that are written with no sincerity but pure obligation? Yeah, not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate goes out of their way to show that they care and it shows.

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp course

Wealthy Affiliate also has a task checklist per lesson so that you can keep track of your progress.

Wealthy Affiliate has task check list for every project

On the other hand, Clickbank University contains mainly videos. Although this is a popular form of learning, I personally would like to read written text. Especially if I want to gloss over specific parts of the course. However, you do get a personal connection with the presenters.

Almost all of the courses are videos in Clickbank University

Both of them have a comment section beneath each lesson where people can ask questions and submit comments.

Features and Integrations

Now, I can’t stress this enough.

Wealthy Affiliate is light years ahead of Clickbank University in terms of tech.

Clickbank University has a forum where people can discuss issues and collaborate. Wealthy Affiliate has a live chat and private mailing system where you can message the founders directly.

Live Chat Feature in Wealthy Affiliate

However, I DO like the expert interviews section in Clickbank University.

Gary Vaynerchuck is EXTREMELY motivating. He is the perfect tell-it-like-how-it-is guy. It’s kind of funny because he actually tells people stop taking courses and start taking action.

Gary Vaynerchuk exclusive interview with Clickbank University Founders

Interviews and case studies are Wealthy Affiliate’s kryptonite. Clickbank University is more practical in getting real experts onto the scene to teach you how to successfully market your products.


Although I’ve taken more of Wealthy Affiliate’s side, it’s a matter of preference when comparing the two affiliate marketing courses.

There are many successful marketers who are able to pull off 6 to 7 figure sales just using Facebook Ads. Many of whom go on selling the business for larger amounts.

In the end, the course you will take toward your affiliate marketing career will depend on you.

Hi!  My name is Kenta.  I’m an internet marketer.  I love business and programming.  I hope that you’ll join me on this journey to internet success.  If you have questions or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out via the contact form!

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