How I Got Scammed Buying Backlinks From Fiverr

I wanted to experiment buying backlinks, knowing well that it’s not a good idea.  I figured either way, it would be a great learning opportunity.

And… I got scammed.

I’ll tell you exactly what happened.

Here’s a link to the exact offer I purchased:  Buy backlinks

Ordering 30+ PBN Links

This provider promises 30 “Super Quality Authoritative PBN backlinks”  on Fiverr.  If you’re not familiar with what PBN (Private Blog network), it is essentially a network of blogs created solely for the purpose of building up backlinks.

There’s a ton of material on this topic that we won’t cover in this article and it’s considered black hat practice.

Anyways, I ordered the $50 basic package which will only point to one URL so I choose my homepage URL.  The results came within couple days.

The Excel sheet attached to the delivery was a list of all the PBN domains and the exact URL where my link was dropped.

Verified PBN Url’s

After clicking on each URL, I verified that they were legit and in fact linking back to my home URL.  Then, I totally forgot about it since I knew it takes time for google to index.  In that time, Fiverr automatically completed my purchase.

More than a month later, I’m constantly checking on ahrefs to see if their crawler was able to find these backlinks and I realized they weren’t being found.  I should be seeing 50+ backlinks.

Now, I actually got one backlink in a genuine fashion by emailing manufacturers of the product, and that took less than a week to show up on ahrefs.  Using that as a reference, I got suspicious.

I contacted the seller, and he reassured me that it takes 4-5 weeks:

4-5 weeks later, it still wasn’t showing up.

Using the keyword “site:” I checked to see if that PBN URL was even indexed by Google.  It wasn’t.

I’m still in the process of working it out with the seller.  He became very apologetic once I revealed that these sites were de-indexed.

Make sure to do your due diligence in the world of Digital marketing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fiverr backlinks work?

They technically do work. If they are indexed and contextual they will provide you with better ranking and traffic. They increased my impressions by 60% when I bought a package of backlinks off of a reputable seller (not the one above).

Can you buy backlinks?

Yes, you can buy backlinks. There are many marketplaces where they sell backlinks. BlackHatWorld.com, Fiverr.com, reddit.com. You can even pitch to webmasters or writers and bribe them for a backlink.

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  1. PBN links are more suitable for building tier 2/3 links or ranking stuff like Medium or Reddit posts.

    But yeah, that’s definitely and overpriced gig.

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