How To Make Money With Clickbank Using Instagram For Free [Updated 2020]

Instagram is one of the most lucrative platform on the internet. Accordingly to Hubspot, there are 1 billion active monthly users and 72% of the users say they’ve purchased a product on the platform.

Clickbank is the one of the most profitable affiliate network in the world. It serves over 190 countries and 200 million customers world wide.

We’re going to put these two together to make passive income for YEARS to come.

We’ll teach you how to make money with Clickbank using Instagram.

Step #1: Find a Niche on Instagram & Clickbank

The first step is to find the right niche that works with Clickbank and Instagram. We’ll start with Instagram because that’s the source of traffic.

Like with most social media platforms, I like for the platform itself to tell what is popular.

With Youtube, I recommend typing into the search box and using the auto suggestions as a list of keywords target.

With Instagram, I recommend going to the explore section.

In Explore, you can see what’s trending on Instagram in a gallery-type display.

As you might of initially thought, a lot of fitness and health is popular on Instagram. The guy on the upper right is practicing some sort of in-home work out routine. The guy in the bottom left is showcasing some sort of potato.

We also see that family, beauty, and material things (like the guy with the Porsche) is also popular.

There’s enough to speculate just on this page alone. Feel free to keep going for inspiration but it’s clear to me to choose health and fitness niche.

Now, we’ll head over to Clickbank to choose a product. Let’s go to the marketplace and select the “Health & Fitness” Category.

Once we do that, we’ll see a list of the products under this category. We want to sort this by Gravity. Gravity is the number of distinct affiliate who sold this product in the last 12 weeks. We can imply with some certainty that the higher this number, the easier for us to sell it and make money.

Just like how we use Instagram’s in-built tools to find what’s popular, we’ll do the same with Clickbank. After all, no matter how much traffic Instagram gets, it’ll be difficult to sell a product that stinks.

As you browse through the list, give it some thought to each product by clicking on the landing page and checking out what value the product provides.

You’ll find that some of them are catering to a very specific audience. For example, the third product that came up was Haiki Diabetes Remedy. The only consumer that would potentially buy this was people who are suffering from Diabetes.

So we want a product that can cater to a larger audience. After all, Instagram reach is huge!

The first product that shows up on the list, Leptitox seems promising. It’s name implies some sort of detox and when you research a bit, you realize it’s a pill that helps you lose weight.

So Leptitox, it is!

If you click on the promote button and generate the hoplink, you’ll get the affiliate link that’s specifically tied to your account. We’re going to mask this link (because it’s kind of ugly and spammy looking) using bit.ly.

I suggest you make an account on bit.ly but you can skip that step for now. If you make an account, you can customize the portion after the “/” (so that link can read something like: https:bit.ly/DiscountLeptitoxByKenta

Now that we have our niche on Instagram, product on Clickbank, and our link tracker set, we’re ready to start growing out Instagram.

Step #2: Learn How And When To Submit Posts On Instagram

In order to make money, we need to grow our Instagram so that we have an audience who follows us and ultimately become our customers.

There are many methods to growing an Instagram, we’ll focus on free methods and cover paid methods in another tutorial.

Setting Up The Bio

The way we’ll set up our bio will be specifically to promote our Clickbank product.

You will simply place your shortened bit.ly link in the description of your bio.

When we make posts, we’ll refer to our bio to redirect our followers to the bio section of our Instagram account where our affiliate links are placed.

Make Quality Posts

There’s no doubt about it. If you want to engage users, you need quality, creative posts.

You can get some high quality free stock photos in sites like pexels.com, shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com.

Because the product we’ve chosen is about losing weight, we want to make posts that testify to this product.

I typed in “before and after weight loss” into the search bar on shutterstock, and viola! I find some compelling photos I can use to post on my Instagram.

Use Hashtags To Connect your posts with others

The next step is to use hash tags.

Hash tags are so important, there are businesses dedicated to helping you find the best trending ones like HashtagsforLikes.

If you think about it, hashtags are a way to connect Instagram Posts that otherwise would have no relevance toward one another.

So, we want to use the best hash tags possible. We’re going to use a free tool called ForDisplayPurposesOnly.

I typed in “losingweight” and it gave me a bunch of trending hashtags to use.

It automatically ranks the hashtags by popularity on the bottom left corner.

Now that we have our hashtags, let’s set up a simple caption.

Write Thought-provoking caption to engage your audience

The best caption is the one that encourages users to interact with us.

Try using a question or something clever that makes your account memorable.

Also, in the caption you want to put something to the effect of : “See what magic pills these guys used: Link In Bio!👆☝️

This will encourage followers to read your bio where you affiliate link to your Clickbank product lies.

Great, now that we have our photo, caption, and hashtags, we’re set on making a post.

Post once every day

Marketing specialist including Brian Dean is adamant about quality over quantity. I would agree for most search platforms (like Youtube and Google) but disagree with Instagram.

In fact, in a study done by Tailwind shows that the most you post the better (generally speaking). Those who posted 7 days a week (once every day) received much more likes and engagement.

All this to say that you should probably post 7 days a week if you want to see the most engagement on your Instagram. Make sure to be consistent with your time of day since your fans will learn to expect them at certain times.

Step #3 Collaborate with your Followers

Now that we know how and when to submit our Instagram posts, we’ll need to do a little more work to amplify our engagement.

Sooner or later, you’ll run out of ideas. What you can do is to ask your followers to create content.

People love to be part of communities. It’s human nature. Simply ask your fanbase to submit photos or content and then post them on your IG account.

Also, contests work wonders especially when it comes to promoting Clickbank offers. A friendly competition can go a long way as well!

Hi!  My name is Kenta.  I’m an internet marketer.  I love business and programming.  I hope that you’ll join me on this journey to internet success.  If you have questions or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out via the contact form!

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