Is John Crestani A Real Affiliate Marketer?

So you’ve come across an ad for the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. You’ve never heard of the guy before and a simple Google search didn’t yield much result. Don’t fret my friends, because I have had some personal encounters with John(I did a little bit of work for him before) so I’ll loop you in on the goods.

Don’t believe me? Check this out. I have a Paypal payment made to me from Pendragon Labs LLC ( John’s company).

John Crestani’s company Pendragon Labs LLC paying me for work

If you’re more interested in the inner workings of Super Affiliate System, I summarized the course and did an extensive review on SAS 3.0.

John Crestani is an affiliate marketer but not in the way SAS teaches their students. SAS encourages students to use paid advertising to market digital products or any products where you can gain a commission. The idea is pretty simple:

  1. Generate traffic via Facebook ads, Bings ads, Google ads
  2. Direct traffic to your squeeze page (he calls it the pre-sell page)
  3. Get users to opt in their email
  4. Sell your product and gain commission

So that’s what his course teaches you do. However, he makes money differently. He makes money through his digital product: the Super Affiliate System. According to Clickbanks, the affiliates who sell his course rake in a commission upwards of 80-90%. So if he’s paying out affiliates for his course, how does he make money? Simple, he recommends products in his course where HE gains a commission.

John Crestani is affiliated with Bluehost

John recommends bunch of products on SAS where he gains a commission every time someone makes a purchase (in this case, his students). It’s actually pretty genius since these things can genuinely help students achieve their goal. It’s a win-win situation. Affiliate marketing often yields mutual happiness from both parties, that’s why it’s such a lucrative way to make money.

Although he doesn’t practice what he preaches, he truly is an affiliate marketer.

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