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I’m a big fan of BlackHatWorld.  In fact, I read the forums on BHW to make my first dollar online.

I’m not the only one.  An emerging star by the name of Frank Hatchett also came from BHW.  He started by creating a “How To Make Money Online” guide on BHW that caught some traction.  He leveraged the forums like BHW to create a massive following of 50,000+ email subscribers.  Today, he makes more than $200,000 per month in affiliate sales.

And I’m going to review his product Savage Affiliate today.  No bullshit.  Just hard truth.

Why Should You Listen To Me and This Review?  

It’s simple:  I tell it like how it is.

There are a ton of reviews online that are not authentic.  In fact, many people don’t even have the latest version of Savage Affiliates.  It’s obvious in their screenshots and sometimes they even admit to it.

Oh and I’m also an affiliate marketer who was in your exact shoes.

Yeah, I’ve purchased a TON of courses online to teach me how to make money as an affiliate marketer.  I’ve spent a lot and lost a lot.  I want you to avoid that.

Other than that?  I actually diligently went through the Savage Affiliate Super Product (which encompasses the Standard package and a bit more).  While I go through the course material, I’ll write key takeaways so you understand why it’s important to learn the said material.

Also, I’ll be doing some quick experimentation using some of the methods that Franklin Hatchett provided.  I’ll share the results below (feel free to skip to it using the Table Of Contents above!).

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course made by 7 figure online marketer Frank Hatchett.  This course offers more than 10 modules of lessons covering wide range of topics like finding your niche products, building your site, email marketing, using Clickbank, using Amazon Associates, and more.  It’s one of the few courses that go in-depth in both paid and organic traffic.

Frank Hatchett himself used these tactics to grow his online empire: online dimes.  I highly recommend you check out his blog as he explains stuff very well.

At the time of this writing, there are two affiliate marketing course products that Frank offers: 

Standard Product ($197)

Super Product ($297)

As you can see the Standard and Super package differ only by a few bullet points.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First let’s talk about some of the bullet points.

SA is definitely “Over The Shoulder” affiliate training.  Frank walks you through step by step how he makes money with Youtube, his blogs, etc…  His course is mainly substantial and doesn’t include “fluff” like settings goals and showing his Lamborghini.

His lesson about Niche research could use some improvements.  He gives you a list of popular niches his students has seen success with but doesn’t really get to the nitty gritty on how to spot an easy niche. 

The Website, Emailing, Funnel Setup lessons are pretty comprehensive.  I’ll go into more detail below.

The Super Pack includes ClickFunnels affiliate academy, multiple pre-made funnels on CF, Launch Jacking blueprint, and more.  In my opinion, I would get the Super Pack because for a $100 you are getting a ton more videos and lessons.

Besides, $297 is really cheap compared to other courses.  Ippei leads charges more than $5,000 for their course…

Money-back Guarantee

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee when buying Savage Affiliate.  They are confident this course will help you make money as an affiliate marketer so it shows that they stand behind their product.

Is Savage Affiliates The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

Savage Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing training courses I’ve taken.  It includes more than 10 modules that explain how you get traffic and make commissions as an affiliate marketer.

It’s really affordable and Franklin Hatchett explains in detail how he built his own online empire via the methods that he outlines in his courses.  It’s also ridiculously cheap compared to competitor products.  Many of his competitors are charging $50/month or $1000 one-time cost.  SA is affordable at $297 with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Quick Verdict:  Can You Make Money using Savage Affiliates?

Yes, you can make money using the methods presented in SA. I’ll outline exactly how I followed Frank’s material in order to make my first sale of the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

Using the Launch Jack method, I’ve anticipated the release of Super Affiliate System 3.0.

At the time of writing (February of 2019), there were less than 5 articles written on the SAS 3.0. I was automatically ranking on the 1st page.

Couple months later after I used several PBN links and wrote related articles, I got my first sale:

­In order to keep my ranking at the number 1 spot, I kept building links and updating the content to make sure I remained competitive.

In fact, I’m ranking higher than superaffiliatesystem.org.

Hows that for an effective method?

What’s Inside Savage Affiliates?

In total, there are 10 modules in SA.  Technically a bit more because of the intro and some bonus lessons offered at the end.

I’ve sat and listened to every video and summarized useful information.  Feel free to skip around just to get an idea on what the course covers.

Affiliate Marketing Introduction

This section covers some of the basic principles of affiliate marketing.  Franklin explains why affiliate marketing is a great business model and how it really works.  All in all this section is mostly a surface level overview of affiliate marketing and the common types of method used to get sales.

He explains the two sources of traffic (which is an absolutely necessity in affiliate marketing): paid and organic.  Usually when I review affiliate training courses, the material tends to lean on one side.  However, SA does a great job covering both types of traffic.

The most important lesson here is organic / free traffic.  With paid traffic, there needs to be a constant monitoring of ROI and ad spend.  However, free traffic requires less overhead and tends to convert better.

Module 1:  Affiliate Product To Promote

Module 1 is mostly an introduction to the different types of affiliate programs / networks that Franklin and his group has had success with.

Some of these are affiliate networks (ClickBank and Amazon Associates) where there are a ton of product to choose form.  Others on the list are a single product like ClickFunnels and Get Response.

The important takeaway from this module is to explore the types of affiliate product you want to promote.  There are a TON to choose from and some work better than others depending your niche and what you ultimately want to know more about.  Whatever traffic approach you decide taking, you will still need to understand your product really well in order to sell it.

Module 2: Building Your Website Asset

Module 2 is about building a website.  Although affiliate marketing is possible without a website, but Frank is big proponent of using a site (I am as well).

Building a site can get pretty technical so Savage Affiliates makes it easy by giving you step-by-step instructions in choosing the right web host provider, choosing domains, installing WordPress, etc…

If you’ve never started your own website before, this is section is already worth the money because some developers and agencies will charge you an arm and a leg for a site.  If you take time to learn some basic tech, you’ll save yourself from predatory development agencies.

My favorite part is the videos about email marketing.  The course goes over several WordPress plugins that make it super easy to design and implement email opt-ins.

Module 3: Email Marketing and Funnels

Everyone knows that email marketing is the most lucrative form of marketing.

Module 3 is all about email marketing.  Franklin steps you through setting up workflow automation in a popular product called GetResponse.

It’s important to know that purchasing products like GetResponse is all about scaling and automation.  Once your site becomes an authority, scaling will need to be addressed and email automation is one of the many ways you can start scaling.

Franklin covers creating email lists, newsletters , and setting up the automation workflow.

This module also covers some how to’s on ClickFunnels.  You’ll learn how to create a form that collects emails, a thank you page, and installing Facebook Pixels.

This section is more targeted for affiliate marketers with consistent sizable traffic.  I would bookmark this section for later if you’re starting new.

Module 4: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

In this module, there are a total of 31 videos.  All 31 videos are about using ClickBank, the most popular digital marketplace.

There’s a lot of depth in this module so make sure you are well caffeinated to get through these.

Franklin walks you through what products and how he would promote in evergreen niches like make money online, fitness, singing, and health and wellness.

One thing I really liked is that he goes farther than just setting up and choosing a product on ClickBank to promote.  Many other affiliate courses would do the bare minimum with ClickBank.  Savage Affiliate is the only course that will go into more detail on how to promote it using paid traffic and organic traffic using SEO.

For example, he’ll tell you to always look for special discounts that you can offer as an affiliate.  This way, you can post an article reviewing the product and offer readers a special discount for clicking on their affiliate link.

There’s a ton of SEO and paid advertisement information.  For SEO, this includes using keywords to find competitors, hiring article writers, and comparison type reviews to start ranking in the search engines.  For paid ads, you’ll learn how to create Facebook ads and how to spy on your competitors using various spying tools. 

Module 5: ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing

This module is about ClickFunnels.

Franklin made over $100,000 in 4 months selling ClickFunnels…. as a “side” experiment.  He gives you deeper insight into how he used “sticky cookies” that ClickFunnels uses to get commissions from customers 4 years after they clicked on his affiliate link.  As someone who loves to learn constantly, I found this case study really insightful and motivating.

SEO is covered again in this module (SEO knowledge is sprinkled among many modules).  Keyword research is explained and how you can target real easy keywords when you’re starting off a fresh new site.  This is very crucial knowledge when starting out.  This is definitely something I wish I would have known when starting out.

I’m very skeptical when it comes to the topic of backlinks.  However, Hatchett does a good job explaining what to do with backlinks and how to compete with those that are actively trying to them.  He’ll reason through what he believes is the best approach with backlinks (hint: don’t do off-page SEO, focus on amazing content).

Module 5 is broken up into two parts.  The second part is mainly about ads in Google, Youtube, and Facebook.  Toward the end, there is a case study of a student who used the methods in Savage Affiliate to make $19,000.

Module 6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The Amazon Affiliate section is near and dear to my heart since I started off as an Azon Aff.  This section dives deep into real examples of sites who are killing it as Amazon Affiliate sites.

There are a lot of golden nuggets of information regarding how to structure your site so that search engines sees you as a niche authority.  The basics of interlinking is covered as well.

I really like how Franklin debunks popular affiliate marketing sentiments like “Don’t promote low priced products because the commission is so low it’s not worth it.”  He does a good job of explaining why targeting the keywords for those products might net you profit.

Really the key takeaway for this module and others is that you need to find angles to get more traffic to your site.  Whether it’s target non-competitive keywords or low-priced products, it’s up to you to search for nonconventional approaches to ranking your affiliate site.

Also this module introspects the slow cooker niche.  You will learn how to find other keywords to target then the typical “Best slow cooker” keyword.

Module 7: SEO Google Traffic Training (Treat Google like a spider?)

This section is about Google and SEO.  It’s about figuring out how to rank your site by understanding how Google works.  This topic is always controversial and theoretical because Google never tells you the exact factors that go into ranking (I’ve talked to Googlers before and they themselves have no idea).

The approach that SA takes is simple and easy to relate.  They compare it to a spider.  I like this approach because for many new affiliate marketers, they have no idea what is meant by “Google crawling your site.”  Coming from someone who has somewhat of a good understanding how Google works, this is the best analogy I’ve seen.

Although earlier, Franklin discouraged doing off-page SEO and getting backlinks he covers some methods of getting easy backlinks in this section.  Most of these methods are pretty standard and they do work.

The biggest takeaway is to build your site like a spider builds his web.  The goal is to create the biggest web of related content so that Google can see you as an authority in that niche.

Module 8: Free Traffic Training

This module is all about free traffic and a lot of it is devoted to Youtube traffic.  It’s the first time I’ve heard someone call Youtube a search engine but I can see what Franklin is trying to get at.

He addresses some obstacles that many newcomers have.  One common issue is that many new marketers don’t want to show their faces in a video.  So SA provides alternative solutions.

I enjoyed the part where forum traffic is discussed.  Forums are a great place to gauge your content value.  In Franklins case, he used BlackHatWorld.com to create helpful threads and gain subscribers.  He goes into more detail on how he did that and it’s a great way to learn so that you can eventually do something similar.

The key takeaway for this section is that there a ton of ways to get great targeted traffic without spending money.

Module 9: Paid Traffic Training

Module 9 covers paid traffic.  Paid traffic is a tricky subject and can drain your bank account if you’re not careful.  I paid extra attention to this module because I don’t want you to lose money.

Franklin talks about modeling the ideal buyer or audience.  This is good practice and he emphasizes on providing value to your audience.  Rookie affiliate marketers often are too caught up in how much money they can make and that costs them more than they think.

The mediums for paid traffic that are covered are Youtube and Google.

Both are explained in great detail.  With Facebook, you can count on learning how to install pixels, create a captivating capture page, learning different campaign types, and advanced settings like creating custom audiences.

With Google Ads, you’ll learn how to create a Search Ad, install Google pixels, create audiences, and more.

This is my least favorite module of the bunch just because I don’t think paid traffic is necessary until you have optimized your organic traffic.  I also would probably use Facebook try to target a large group of audiences that are not necessarily looking for my product.

Module 10: Launch Jacking & Web Hosting

This module is another favorite of mine because it covers a topic that isn’t discussed as often as it should be and also introduces an affiliate product that is great for those wanting to play in the make money online niche.

What am I talking about?  Launch Jacking.

The concept is simple as the picture above.  You rank for keywords that don’t exist yet.  Franklin teaches his students what site to use to look for products to “jack” and how you can get your hands on some promos to offer your readers.

Website hosting is an extremely lucrative product to promote as an affiliate.

In fact, several websites are being made every second.

Wouldn’t it be nice if just a small fraction of those people used your affiliate link to sign up for a web host like Bluehost?

Franklin always leads by example and it’s no different when he talks about web hosting.  He shows you the exact blog article that he used to make $50,000 a month.

Savage Affiliate Alternatives

As an affiliate marketing training course connoisseur (I’m kind of making up this profession 🙂 ), I can tell you that Savage Affiliate is not the only good affiliate marketing course.  There are a handful of others that I’ve reviewed and are worth exploring.

Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate is a social media based affiliate marketing course that is offered via subscription model.  It’s free to sign up and the premium costs $49 / month.

If you are one of those people that need a social environment to thrive, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a chat system, supportive staff, and features to help you engage in a community that is passionate about affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System is a paid traffic focused affiliate marketing course.  The founder John Crestani has an impressive portfolio of increasing clients ROI over 40X.

Like Savage Affiliates, you’ll see John on the white board or on his desk walking through steps to set up ads on mediums like Google and Facebook.

Affilorama by Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Online entrepreneur veterans Mark Ling and Simon Slade created free affiliate marketing training courses that they themselves have employed through the years of making money online.

Although a bit outdated in terms of SEO and paid traffic information, this is a great place to start learning some ins and outs of starting your affiliate marketing business.  It’s also free forever.

Clickbank University 2.0 by Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan

Entrepreneur prodigies Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan created Clickbank University to teach people how to become successful affiliates and vendors on Clickbank.

A lot of training materials and it is sold as a subscription.

CBU 2.0 has a lot of connections with famous entrepreneurs and online business makers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Empire Flippers.

Hi!  My name is Kenta.  I’m an internet marketer.  I love business and programming.  I hope that you’ll join me on this journey to internet success.  If you have questions or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out via the contact form!

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