Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review: Is It Worth The Money Or Is It a Scam?

I wrote a more in-depth look into the Super Affiliate System 2.0 by John Crestani in my previous article.

Today, I’ll give you guys an update on the new Super Affiliate System 3 user interface and cover some things I didn’t in my previous article. NOTE: this update shortened the total amount of weeks the super affiliate system takes from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.

Let’s start by talking about the internet marketing ‘guru’ space as it is today. There are a ton of self-proclaimed marketers who swear they know the next banging business model. Drop shipping with Shopify, Affiliate marketing using auto generated emails, lead generation. The list goes on and on.

Here’s what I’m trying to get at: do your due diligence before buying a digital course. Many end up losing money because they did not research the founder or the quality of the course.

So where does SAS 3.0 fall into? Well as the name suggests, it is an affiliate marketing system. In plain old English: it’s a course that will teach you how to use paid ads to make affiliate sales.

Now, before I get into the nuances of the course, let’s talk about the founder John Crestani for a second. I’ve actually worked for the guy before so I have an idea of the type of guy he is.

John Crestani traveled to eastern Asia looking for his calling. According to Forbes, he came across Tim Ferris’s book: The 4-hour Workweek which acted as a catalyst toward his affiliate marketing career. He then worked for an advertising agency where he managed accounts, primarily handling PPC (pay per click) marketing for his clients. After a while, he being fired from his job after asking for a raise, he set out on his own.

All this might sound too cliche, as if the Forbes writer almost fit him into this online marketing guru mold. However, after talking with him via Skype, I’m convinced that he did travel to Asia and he has genuine interest in the languages there. Here’s my recent conversation with him:

Alright, so there might be more than what meets the eye here. He definitely falls into the category of ‘guru’ but maybe the Super Affiliate System 3.0 has something substantial to offer. Let’s dive deeper into the program (I’ll try not to repeat myself from my previous review article on the SAS 2.0)

The SAS 3.0 UI looks cleaner and newer than SAS 2.0. One important difference is that the training course forces you to go through the lesson in order. If you try to skip ahead, you’ll be stopped by this little message:

SAS 3.0 stopping students from skipping ahead.

The course is divided into 6 modules which will take about a week to complete per module:

  • The System Setup
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Youtube Ads Setup
  • Advanced Ad Tactics
  • Presell Pages and Scaling
  • Product Selection

If you want to an in-depth look into the content of these modules, read my review on the SAS 2.0 as the content has not changed significantly.

John has extensive experience in paid advertising. Not surprisingly, the bulk of the course is teaching you how to set up ads. The idea is pretty simply: you set up ads on FB, Google, Bing, Youtube or wherever, direct them to your pre-sell page or landing page and then to the actual product offering. If your ad spend is lower than the money you generate from selling his courses, you make profit.

It’s worth mentioning that some of his students have come across life-changing success.

One of John Crestani’s students making 5K a day

So if you figure that most paid ads have free courses online, where is the actual value delivered by the SAS 3.0? I would say it’s in the community and the resources page.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Resources page

The resources page provides email lists, ad swipes, and presell pages (landing pages) that are proven to work. He actually provides a list of 150,000 emails that you can use to build Look-alike audiences on FB. Facebook is EXTREMELY strict with marketing bizopp products, so tread carefully or you might get banned.

150k list of emails for bizopp ads from SAS 3.0

Ad swipes are materials you can use to start an ad campaign. In order to successfully launch an ad campaign you need videos, pictures, copy writing. John understands those obstacles and provides a bunch of resources to help you get started.

John Crestani provides pre-made videos for FB ads.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 includes an online forum where members can discuss each module and problems they run into (I.e not getting ads approved on Facebook). These exclusive communities makes the training feel less lonely and encouraging. Especially for me, I find it difficult to grind on my own. I like having people to bounce off ideas.

Online Forum for members of SAS 3.0

My Final Thoughts

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 is an affiliate system specifically made to generate traffic and sales by the use of paid advertising. In order to get started, you’ll need a budget for ad spend. The resources and the community make it a special place to get started on your affiliate marketing journey.

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